Friday, 11 January 2013

Mascara to Avoid!

By Min

What not to buy!
Asian eyelashes are often short, straight and not good friends with just any old mascara.

I have tried my fair share over the ages and my fave is still Shiseido Perfect Mascara Defining  Volume (which I reviewed in a previous blog post). It is made by a Japanese company so obviously a good match for Asian eyelashes. This review is dedicated to some brands that are not Asian-eyelash friendly. My first pick is Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Natural Origin Mascara, $15.  It made my eyelashes go flat and it smudged and had no discernible benefits. If this mascara had added volume or length to my eyelashes, it could be forgivable but it did nothing at all.  

Next, was Benefit’s Beyond Mascara They’re Real! $29.  The box looked so appealing with a before and after picture and some consumer panel results. I admit that it did create an appealing amount of length, however there was absolutely no volume.  It claims that 90% of users saw a base-to-tip curl, but it made my lashes go flatter than they were before (is that possible?) Therefore, there was no visible lift that 94% of consumers supposedly obtained. I guess I'm part of the unique 6%. I was really disappointed.  

And finally, Dior Show, $31.  It promised  build-able volume. I give it that much but it did not keep the original curl I'd created with my eyelash curler. So while my lashes did not go completely flat, they were definitely not something to write home about.  If you have Asian eyelashes, I definitely recommend Shiseido Perfect Mascara Defining Volume (not Full Definition). If you don't have Asian eyelashes, I still recommend  Shiseido Perfect Mascara and also the DiorShow.  Happy mascara-ing! 


  1. Great review, I have had good luck with the Dior Show!

  2. I really like the mac opulash, it looks big but not the, your lashes are clumpy and spidery big! ;) Maybe you can try to slightly heat up your lashcurler, that would probably help but don't burn yourself :)