Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Jergens vs St. Ives

By Min

When I was 11 years old, I used to put deodorant on my legs because I thought they looked dry and I didn't have any money. I thought it was more ridiculous to ask my mum to buy me body lotion so I got creative, or maybe just silly. Who cares what your legs look like at 11?!  But for some reason having soft skin was really important for me (probably from reading Seventeen magazines), so I have always used lotion after my shower and I do have soft skin probably owing to the fact that I don't have a lot of body hair and I use a little bit of lotion everyday. Since the deodorant on the leg phase, I have altered my methods and use real lotion. But nothing fancy for regular use. For awhile it was Vaseline but then I switched to Jergens when I saw they had a Naturals line.  It smells awesome! Love it! It quenches the thirsty skin from the dry winters and leaves me super hydrated while not making my skin sticky in the humid summers. It is also really affordable at about $5-$7 for a big bottle. Then suddenly, Jergens only had one lotion in their Naturals line. Weird. So when my pharmacy had no Jergens Naturals, I bought St. Ives.  Megs had previously bought St. Ives after running into the same problem with Jergens.  She wasn’t impressed, and said that it smelled like rabbit poop or something like that. That is weird too.  I thought she was probably just being picky like she tends to be sometimes so I went ahead and bought a bottle. The smell is okay.  I don’t hate it. It’s not bad but it’s very very thick and it almost like rubbing lard on your body, but the kind that doesn’t melt (not that I’ve ever done that).  It does absorb quickly but I prefer a cream that goes on smoother.  But at $4 a bottle, it doesn’t get any cheaper and in a pinch, I’d buy it again. (After writing this blog post, I bought the last 2 Jergens remaining at the store. I should be good for awhile.)


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