Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bliss Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream

By Min
Recently, Megan and I went shopping at Sephora. Although I needed a few products, I prefer to buy them at a pharmacy so that I can get Airmiles or some form of points. So I browsed a bit with no intention of buying. A friend of Megan’s sent me some samples for Arbonne and although I had a bad experience (all my fault), I wanted to try the eye cream because I had a ugly bump on my rosacea star (that people have confused for a zit.) I was really surprised that it worked, the bump went away.  This made me want an eye cream even though I have always thought that I was still too young to use one. From looking at recent pictures, I've learned that I have to stop living in the which I mean I am not as young as I used to be. So whilst in Sephora, I took a gander at some eye creams but I was astounded by the price. It’s such a small points...not sure of efficacy. Then, as Megan was piling up her basket, I came across a brand that I did not recognize.  Bliss. It sounded divine and the packaging was clean and simple. I picked up a tube of Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream 15ml for $36. It is supposed to help keep the skin around our eyes hydrated and brighten the look of dark circles.  I actually think that nothing can help with the dark circles until the kids are off to boarding school but I was interested in the promise that moisture would be locked-in. At first there was very little going on. I don’t believe in miracles so I didn't expect too much but maybe a bit of improvement on the bump situation. Then after a week I noticed that the veins of the rosacea star were diminishing. And after two weeks, the bump was growing smaller as well.  Well, colour me surprised! I thought that a laser treatment at the dermatologist’s office was the only cure for my rosacea but this blissful little eye cream has really been working wonders. I might even try some more products from this spa brand. When trying new brands and products, there is always a possibility that you are wasting your money, so I’m super happy to report that this time it was worth the risk! 


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  2. OOh I need to try that one next, I just bought myself an eyecream! I think your never to young to take good care for your skin. The skin around the eyes is actually the thinnest that you have so it is really important to protect this area :)