Friday, 19 October 2012

Biotherm Biocils

 by Min

When I bought my favorite mascara Shiseido Perfect Mascara (see my previous review), The salesperson asked if I wanted a make-up remover. I usually use my cleanser as a make-up remover and figured that she was just trying for a higher sale.  At the time, I felt that spending $30 for a mascara that  may not even work was enough so I ignored her comment.

When I tried to take off the mascara, it would not come off.  Oh dear! What was I to do? I had some leftover samples of some cream cleanser/make-up remover but it did a half-assed job and I resigned myself to the necessity of having to buy a real, paraben-free make-up remover.

At Shoppers, I was just glancing at the Shiseido products and saw that they had a make-up remover. Then I saw that the price...$45! No, no, no! I couldn't possibly spend that much! A cheaper alternative was the Biotherm Biocils express make-up remover. It comes in the typical blue colour for $19. It is for waterproof make-up and I chose the non-greasy format.  I think that the greasy format probably does a superior job but I really don't like the sensation of it on my face.

So, Biocils does an okay job. It doesn't sting and it gets off most of the mascara. I have heard that Marcelle and LaRoc make up removers sting so that's a bonus for Biocils.  However, I feel that you have to rub your eyelashes a lot to get the mascara off and the extra step in my skin care routine is a real bummer. An eye make-up remover is a necessity I can't ignore so I can't wait to find one that works really well.

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