Monday, 15 October 2012

Neutrogena naturals fresh cleansing

 by Min

Going paraben-free is not always the cheapest option.  So, when I saw that Neutrogena launched a natural-line of face products, I gravitated toward it in the pharmacy.  I bought the fresh cleanser + make-up remover for under $10 - very reasonable, I felt.  First of all, I have to say that my relationship with Neutrogena is a rocky one.  We had a great time during university years, then the harshness of some of their cleansers turned on me and gave me mung.  Mung is puffy, hard, sand-paper-ish, red skin that hurts like a son-of a-gun.  It also doesn’t look very good.  So I tried the Neutrogena naturals fresh cleanser with apprehension.  I was having a massive reaction to something I had used but I thought it was getting better, even still, I decided to try the face wash right away. I continued to experience a reaction but I thought it was the Neutrogena product so I stopped using it after one day and I told Megs that I would send it to her.

A couple of months later, I ran out of face wash, so I gave it another go. I started with once a day, then twice a day and slowly we made up. (Now it’ll be going across the country half-full - oops.) I actually really love the smell.  It smells so different from their other products.  I suppose it’s to go with the image of the “natural” product they are selling. Well, it foams a lot, which is a bit drying but I like it.  Apparently, people with sensitive skin should use cream cleansers but really, I’m not a fan. I never feel like my face is completely cleansed. However, I would not recommend this as a make-up remover because it stings.  On you eyes, use a real make up remover if you are using waterproof makeup products.

Overall, I would say it was successful experience in product experimentation, so I might try another in the naturals line.  Way to go Neutrogena for giving people cheaper options for paraben-free products!  

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