Wednesday, 3 October 2012

eos Hand Lotion

By Megs 

I was introduced to eos this summer on every beauty blog I read, it seemed. All the beauty bloggers were talking about the eos lip balms. I can't use lip balms, although I admit to being sorely tempted by those cheery, brightly coloured spheres. I searched all over my immediate area for the Lemon Drop one for the swap I did with Sophia of Tattoed Tealady. No luck. I was like a maniac, checking every store that could possibly carry them. I actually don't know if they were ever even available in B.C. Sophia ended up getting one in Lemon Drop from someone else. That is the flavour I would have bought myself if I'd found it.

Anyway, reading about them lead me to wanting to know more about the brand. eos does not use parabens, phthalates, or test on animals! Yay!

They also make a hand lotion, and I cannot get enough of hand lotion, particularly at work, where I use it like crazy. So I went on another hunt for eos! Some London Drugs (a store I love) carry eos hand lotion. Not my local one, unfortunately. I noticed some on the desk of someone I sort of work with so I practically jumped over her counter to ask her where she got it. In a travel section of a SaveOn, oddly enough. I went to my local SaveOn that day and bought all 3 scents. So far I've only used berry blossom, but it smells great! It's sweet, without being cloying. It makes my hands so soft. The funny little container is ergonomically molded to sit comfortably in your hand. I plan to keep the unscented one in my purse, and the cucumber I'm going to tuck away for an eventual blog giveaway - maybe when we reach 100 posts or something. So follow us so you can enter to win an awesome eos hand lotion!

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