Monday, 24 September 2012


By Megs
The more I read about this, the more I thought I should try one. At $25 usd a pop, they are not cheap. But they last, and they’re supposed to be the be-all, end-all way to apply foundation. I have to say, I was not sold the first few err several times I used it. So it applies foundation well. That is for sure. I just don’t know if it applies it any better than my fingers do. There’s definitely less makeup wasted the finger way – almost everything that is on my hand makes it onto my face. I really should get the beautyblender wet before I use it because then it will soak up less foundation. But I keep forgetting to do that! That is no fault of the sponge, obviously. I’ve used my fingers to apply foundation for years. Years and years – maybe almost as long as I’ve been wearing foundation. I have never used a brush to apply foundation. Maybe the beautyblender just does a way better job than the old foundation brush? It makes sense that it would do a better job than regular makeup sponges. They have angles. The beautyblender is round. Our faces are roundish. The two seem to go together better, no? I don’t know – that makes sense to me.

Other than maybe not living up to all the hype, my other beef with the beautyblender is that makeup doesn’t really come out of it. Actually, since I didn’t buy the special accompanying wash, I can’t really complain about that in all fairness. So I’ll amend my beef to say that it is its own job to clean that little pink egg! I spend more time in my morning routine cleaning the beautyblender than I do doing any other one task. I probably clean it about 3 or 4 times before I finally stop. I have this Marcelle cleanser (that I quit using on my face) that has SLS in it so it foams up really well. I think that foaminess really helps the cleaning process when it comes to cleaning a sponge. When I clean the beautyblender, some pink dye does run, but it’s nothing like I expected after reading reviews about it. I clean it so much when trying to get the makeup out, I’m surprised more dye doesn’t run, frankly.

Credit where it’s due: the beautyblender is straight up awesome at applying my Joe Fresh cream blush. It does a way better job than my fingers. The blush is distributed less heavily and much more evenly. I kinda quit using that blush for that reason, but it is back in rotation thanks to that bright pink beauty egg!

After using it for just a few weeks, my beautyblender ripped. What a huge disappointment. For $25, it should last longer than that. Overall, this product does not live up to the hype for me. It wastes foundation, it's time-consuming to clean, it's expensive and does not last. I definitely don't recommend the beautyblender. Save yourself some dollars and don't buy it. It ripped near the skinny end so I'll still use the fat end for cream blush but I feel like it is a big letdown of a product.

Who loves the beautyblender? Who has learned to love it? Who hasn't heard about it before and will you now try it?

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