Friday, 21 September 2012

Weleda Skin Food

By Megs
I read a review of this on another beauty blog (forget which). I have really dry skin, and the climate in central BC where I live is dry, except in winter when it is extremely dry. I knew this product was something I needed to try. At first I didn’t like how it smells. But after using it a few times, I don’t dislike it. It’s kind of an acquired smell, I guess. And it is greasy. But it works. It is a thick, greasy cream that really moisturises. Weleda is a well-known brand for users of natural products. I paid $18.99 for 75 ml on (no shipping, though!) and I felt like the price was kinda high when I got it and saw the size of the tube. That seems to be the going rate, however, as on Weleda's site, it is $18.50. As I plan to use it only once a day I anticipate it lasting quite awhile.

The tube itself is a thick foil or something, so you can roll it up and force the product out when you are getting low – I like that. I read a lot of reviews on MakeupAlley of people who put it on their face. I personally wouldn't. It is such a thick, heavy cream. I personally think it is too heavy for the face anyway. I get that some people have dry skin (I totally have dry skin!) but there are other moisturisers that are not as heavy that can combat dry skin on your face. Face skin is so delicate. Anyway, I give Skin Food two very greasy thumbs up. It is the perfect lotion to put on at bedtime because of the greasiness. Slather up your hands and feet and drift off, letting it do its work while you slumber!

Who else loves Skin Food? Who has really dry skin and what heavy duty moisturiser have you found to treat it with?

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