Friday, 14 September 2012


By Megs
For years I used MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid in NC20 and loved it. Then when I started educating myself about parabens I got freaked out about it because MAC doesn’t list their ingredients on their website. So I figured it probably does have parabens in it (it doesn’t but so many cosmetics do). I went out and bought this (paraben free) smashbox foundation. I bought it in Shoppers and the customer service rep was busy so I picked out the shade myself. Their testers were old and not in good shape at all. Some I couldn’t even pump out they were so dried and gross – I guess that’s more a comment on that Shoppers than smashbox. That definitely hindered the ease of my purchase, though. I chose a colour and when I got it home it was orange.

That is when I learned my skin is much fairer than I think it is. The real bummer was it was on sale when I bought it for $12.50 and when I exchanged it for the right colour, I had to pay full price; $40 something. OK, so I had my new, paraben-free foundation, in my correct skin tone. The customer service rep said it’s a really nice foundation (I’m pretty sure she’s never tried MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid). I’m disappointed in the sheerness of the coverage. Yes, it is a builder, and believe me, I build. I’m self-conscious about the melasma on my face (under my eyes/on my cheekbones); I want to cover it right up. High Definition Healthy FX Foundation doesn’t cover it well enough to suit me. It has been nice throughout the summer to use a foundation that’s not very heavy. But overall, I’m not happy with it. If I had more even skin tone, I think I would really like it. But I need something with complete coverage and this ain’t it. I’m going to use it all up because I’m not made of money, and I hear Min’s voice of reason in my head, telling me I should use what I have before I buy something new. She’s good that way.

Tell us what your favourite foundation is and why!

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  1. Megs, I use the smashbox foundation and love it. I do use their accompanying foundation primer which makes the coverage so much better. If I use the primer first, I use just a tiny amount of the foundation itself. It was a costly duo but it has lasted a long time so far.