Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Kiss My Face Sheer Organic Shine Lip Gloss

By Megs

Kiss My Face is such a great natural company; they’ve been around a long time, which to me indicates they are successful because they make good products and also trustworthy.

I was poking around on well.ca (shout out to well.ca – awesome Canadian website with a really great selection of green and natural products and free shipping within Canada!) and came across their selection of Kiss My Face’s lip gloss. Another step in my life-long journey (and by life-long I mean the past year) to find the perfect, non-drying, moisturising lip gloss! It can be hard to buy makeup online. Not only are the photos an approximation of the actual colour, you can’t try before you buy. OK, so, again, this was before I decided to be brave and try more bright and fun colours on my lips so I opted for Pearl which looked kinda peachy with shine. When it arrived, I learned that’s the colour it actually is. I can’t remember what it cost, there’s another Sheer Organic Shine gloss (different colour) on well.ca right now for $7.99 so I’m reasonably sure that’s what I paid.

I tried it out and points were immediately deducted because it is lightly flavoured and scented. I am not down with a flavoured, scented lip product. I’m an adult, I don’t need tasty lip products. Whatever; it’s a gamble when you’re shopping online. Under different circumstances, I would not have purchased this lip gloss. I have nothing against makeup geared towards teens – as I feel flavoured and scented products are – they’re just not for me. This gloss is not for me. On top of the scent and flavour, my real issue with this gloss (aside from the old doesn’t moisturise/does dry out my lips refrain) is that it doesn’t stay put. It’s gone in minutes. That’s why I love sticky gloss; when you get it on your lips, it’s not going anywhere!

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