Thursday, 27 September 2012

e-sen-cia shampoo and conditioner

When you wash and condition your hair. It should feel clean, smell good and feel supple and smooth. This is not the case with e-sen-cia by Samy. I bought the white lotus barley and nettle hydrating shampoo and conditioner because it was on the liquidation shelf at Shoppers' and it looked super natural-looking and cool. Plus, it was at a steal at half the price $4.  So I bought several bottles of each.  Big mistake because now I'm stuck with it and this stuff stinks.  I mean really stinks!  It is sulfate and paraben-free and claims to use natural plant extracts but it is so foul that I dread having to take a shower.  After using the shampoo, my hair feels heavy and greasy.  And after using the conditioner, there is no soft-run-my-fingers-through-my-hair-feeling. The heavy residual feeling lasts and worsens over the course of two days. Terrible! I might not be able to stand it much longer. What is the worst smelling product that you have ever tried?


  1. Stinky shampoo? That's why you need a guest bathroom! Just put whatever shamps & conds you don't like in that shower, hee!

  2. Megan, did you end up finding a good shampoo and conditioner in the end, that doesn't have any of those cons?