Monday, 24 September 2012

Marcelle BB vs Missha BB

By Min

When I first read about BB (Beauty Balms), I was so excited!  It had originated in Asia and it was apparently the miraculous cure for uneven skin tone, imperfections and other nuisances. So immediately after reading this article in MacLeans I went and  bought the Marcelle BB for medium to dark skin, $18. This BB claims to be an 8 in 1 product.  You can find the eight benefits as reported from the Marcelle website here. Or read them here.

Marcelle BB Cream
-Evens out skin tone
-Offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits
-Protects from premature aging and environmental stresses
-Promotes skin regeneration
-Matifies skin and controls shine
-Soothes and calms skins
-Minimizes the appearance of imperfections and pores
-Excellent make-up base provides anti-dull radiant complexion

At first, I was really impressed. I was suffering from a bout of redness on my cheeks (what’s new?!)  which it hid really well.  Also it wasn’t heavy and it blended really well.  I don’t wear foundation and so I usually only use a bit under my eyes on my cheeks.  It is supposed to be a base for foundation but I wear it by itself. It also didn’t irritate my skin which was a bonus. 

Missha Signature Real Complete B.B. Cream. This BB was a hand-me-down from Megs, purchased on for about $20.  She claimed that it was too dark for for her skin but I have my doubts.  The colour is #23 Natural Yellow Beige. Really Megs?! You thought that you have yellow beige skin? I think it was just an excuse... but I’m not an ingrate so I used the product as soon as I could. This Korean product claims to have Wrinkle Repair, Whitening and Sun Protection.  Unlike many Asian girls, I don’t strive to have white skin so I was a little cautious when trying the BB. Of course, this one is far superior to the Marcelle BB because it does a much better job of coverage but does not look like you have make up caked on.  Even though this was the darkest colour it was a lighter shade than the Marcelle.  Luckily, I don’t tan either so my skin isn't that dark.Overall BBs are good for people who have a few imperfections to hide.  Although BBs were originally formulated to cover burn or surgery scars, the asian market turned them into must-have cosmetic products. This one works as a light cover for those who don’t want to wear foundation.  I have a big rosacea star (that’s my own term for a red spot with multiple veins stretching out) under my eyes and this BB helps conceal it a lot. What do you think of BBs?  Trend or essential? 

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