Wednesday, 19 September 2012

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 (NC20)

By Megs
OK, so I got a beautyblender, which is really a review for another time. But I will say I wasn’t initially sold. I used it to apply my smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation and was ambivalent. I also used it to apply benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow (a sample which may have been the wrong colour for my face). Last Thursday I actually had an evening out and used my new beautyblender to apply my MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I am so in love with that foundation! I don’t know why I ever strayed (oh yeah, I thought it might have parabens in it). But it was a learning experience.

Now I know better. MAC Studio Fix Fluid is my perfect foundation. I love it. It has great coverage, it builds perfectly. When I bought it the first time, I wore no foundation to the store so I could be sure of getting the perfect match to my skin. The (what are they called at MAC? Probably not customer service reps. Probably something like makeup experts) anyway, person helped me pick it out. My mother, who is very honest with me, when she saw me putting it on said “That’s too orange for you.” My response was “I don’t think so. The girl helped me pick it out.” Then I blended it in and she said “No, you’re right. It’s the right colour.”

I love how it covers. I love how it smells (makeup-y). I love how it makes me look – even skin toned. Until I put it on the other day, having taken a break from it all summer, I didn’t really “get” what a matte foundation was. Now I do. This is matte foundation. It’s when you apply it, even a lot of it, and your face isn’t all shiny. Boom! So today I ordered a new bottle of this because my old one really was totally empty.

What is your ultimate favourite foundation and why? 


  1. Corrective Foundation by Dermablend. Covers everything and doesn't smudge or come off. I love Studio Fix too :)
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  2. I've come across Corrective Foundation and desperately want to try it but it's such a gamble finding the right match to my skin when ordering online! I will have to wait till I find it in a store.