Wednesday, 12 September 2012

e.l.f. Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

By Megs

e.l.f.says this about their Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick: Achieve color intensity for your eyes with twist-up ease - no sharpening required! Glide on the soft gel liner side to create dramatic definition to the eyes. The light-reflecting pigments help line the eye subtly but intensely for a fuller more enhanced effect. Use the smooth glide shadow stick side for soft highlighting color on the eyes to complement the liner for a polished and finished look. Perfect for creating an easy smoky eye!

And I say this: Yay!
An e.l.f. product I actually really like! I read an article awhile ago that said using black eyeliner adds 5 years to how old you look. Or something to that effect.

So I switched to brown. Then I read something else about purple eyeliner on brown eyes (my eyes are brown). I forget what it said, exactly. But it caused me to switch to purple eyeliner. At e.l.f.’s wallet-friendly prices ($3 a pop – I’m pretty sure most of their studio line costs $3), I bought brown and purple. One end is the eyeliner, the other end is eye shadow. I use the eyeliner. I have other eye shadows to use. This eyeliner glides on easily. The pigment is good. It’s a twist up so there’s no sharpening involved (that’s neither a good nor bad thing, just an observation). A downside to twist ups vs pencils is that pencils leave a way smaller footprint. So there you go! An e.l.f. product I recommend.

What colour are your eyes, and what colour of eyeliner do you use? I think I might bring some black eyeliner back into my rotation. I really want to try the kitten flick! 

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