Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Laroche-Posay Physiological Water

By Min

I wanted to try a new face wash after a period of unforeseen redness and imperfections that riddled my face.  I had two bad experiences with Laroche-Posay products but to me they are like siren calls in the pharmacy.  I guess I’m either a sucker or a lunatic.  The Laroche-Posay Physiological Foaming Water, ($21 cad) is a limited time cleanser for sensitive skin, pretty fancy wording for a cleanser, methinks.  Apparently the cleanser is PH balanced for sensitive skin.  But, I still bought it. For some reason I wasn’t expecting it to foam so immediately after dispensing a large quantity in my hands, I quickly checked the ingredients.  There was sodium laureth sulfate.  At first my reaction was “Oh no.”

But I resigned myself to continue using the product as long as it didn’t irritate my skin.  When I told Megs about my hasty purchase she sent me this link (to Lab Muffin, an Aussie beauty blog) about SLS.  Although it has got a bad rap, it is not carcinogenic but merely an irritant.  Well, then again so are some Facebook comments but I still log in everyday.  So I somewhat happily continue using the cleanser.  I really like that it is a pump bottle and I also like the smell, it smells like clean should smell. The downside to the foam is that you seem to have to rinse your face a lot, but it’ll do until I find my new favourite cleanser. It is also a bit drying, and when I asked the Laroche-Posay specialist, she told me to use a cream cleanser, hmm. Do you have any suggestions for my new cleanser?

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