Monday, 10 September 2012

Laroche-Posay Toleriane Ultra

By Min

When I was on vacation, I received a whole mountain of samples so I sampled…all of them…all at the same time.  My face exploded like the fireworks on Canada Day!  Itchy, dry, scaly skin was the name of the game.  So I bought La Roche-Posay’s Toleriane Ultra.  It comes in a fancy vacuum sealed tube to protect the contents from something or another.  However, it doesn’t come cheap at $30 plus taxes for a measly 40 ml. At first, it felt really good, but then I realized it was super greasy and not helping at all and probably  making the whole situation worse.  Little imperfections popped up all over my cheeks and mouth area.  It took me awhile to realize what was happening because I really thought that it couldn’t possibly be this product.  I thought my skin was really dry but not enough for Toleriane Ultra.  Furthermore, it smelt really chemically even though it doesn’t contain parabens etc.  This is the second product I’ve tried by Laroche-Posay and for the price, I was definitely not impressed. 

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