Friday, 21 September 2012

Shiseido Perfect Mascara

By Min
Finding the right mascara has always been a really difficult challenge for me. I have your typical Asian eyelashes; they are bone-straight and they give me raccoon eyes.  Since switching to paraben-free products, my mascara was one of the last products that got changed.  Even within the commercial brands, it was hard to find a mascara that would not flatten my eyelashes (once curled).  Then I tried Shiseido.  Can I call this an “Aha moment?”  Shiseido Perfect Mascara $30 that was formulated in Japan has changed my views on buying the cheap commercial brands at the drugstore (I did buy it at the drugstore but in the high-end section).

It is wonderful, really.  It doesn’t weigh down my lashes.  I don’t have to re-curl my eyelashes afterwards, taking out several lashes in the process, and it gives volume and definition.  Even if I don’t scrape some mascara back into the tube, it doesn’t weigh down my eyelashes.  They stay the same all day, not rubbing off under my eyes and not straightening. But when the salesperson asks if you need an eye make-up remover, say “Yes.”   I brushed off the salesperson because I didn’t think I needed one but it takes more than an ordinary face wash to get that mascara off.  I really do love this mascara!  The only bad thing is that I don’t think I’ll be sampling other mascaras… ever.   But I definitely wouldn’t say no to any Shiseido product that comes my way.

What's your favorite mascara? Any suggestions for a make up remover?

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